As a non-denominational spiritual officiant, I work to create ceremonies that honor and respect you. Ceremonies are Weddings, which can be arranged by clicking the link at theĀ  bottom screen, and the different Gatherings Circles I provide.

I acknowledge and appreciate all belief systems and respect the diversity of my fellow humans, animals and nature.

I arrange private and public Circles, in person and virtually

What is a Cacao Circle?

A Cacao Circle is a safe space to gather, share, and drink warm ceremonial cacao (dark chocolate) and allow our hearts to open. Cacao has a naturally occuring chemical in it that dilates your blood vessels and has a decaf amount of caffeine in it. You may feel creative or like dancing. We will share, meditate, and shake it out as the Circle moves forward. As part of the circle, you'll receive cacao, snacks, and a small gift unless donation based.

Learn more about cacao and nutrition here.

close up of a cup of cacao with several potted plants in the background

What are Love Circles?

Love Circles are a gathering of friends, loved ones that have an intention. An intention could be a Bridal Blessing , a friend Blessing, a Birth Blessing, a Rainbow Bridge Blessing.
Each Love Circle Blessing is unique but all include cacao, love and appreciation ceremony, meditation, and a gathering of hearts for the chosen intention.
Love Circles are guided by myself and can be held at Tristate area homes, rented spaces or Darkness brewing lounge.
Prices range from $25 to $50 a person, depending on arrangements.

What is a Reiki Circle?

A Reiki Circle is a space to gather, share Reiki with other practioners and those who would like to receive Reiki. In the Circle we are all connected in the continuous loop that is a circle. You can bring a donation or offering of money, snacks, share a poem, art, or homemade items. Be creative if it calls to you. We will chat, I will guide a meditation and we will share Reiki with each other.


Ready to start planning your personalized ceremony?

Each ceremony is customized to your beliefs,
vision, and spiritual needs.